Find out more: Kick-starting your career

Intern College is a crash course in P&G and its history. It’s a two day inauguration, packed with visual presentations (be aware of the overload of acronyms), discussion panels with senior leaders and social evenings with like-minded people. The days involved case studies and team-building challenges, which included everything from building co-operative bridges in teams (literally), to hysterical role plays.

Approaching the intern college can be daunting; a student becoming a young professional is a large step and quite an exciting one. It is important to remind oneself that you have already taken a lot of steps to get into P&G: you applied, you completed tests and you passed several stages of interviews. Any preconceived worries you might have all disappear in an instance as you start interacting with people.

P&G say that their most valuable asset is their people. Previously, I assumed it was just an integral part of company strategy: to highlight how amazing and fantastic their employees are. But, at P&G the claim is backed up by the experience; the people surrounding you at Intern College, your On-Boarding or in your workplace, are all interested in who you are, where you come from and what you do. It takes the edge off and allows a very organic development of relationships.

You notice right away the diversity at P&G, whether it’s your colleagues, your manager or your manager’s manager, everyone has different backgrounds and different perspectives. This eclectic combination allows for outputs to be innovative and carry a strong consideration of all aspects of our business.

The Human Resources On-boarding took place in Weybridge and allowed us to develop a deeper understanding of the different processes and aspects of HR. After the two days, I can tell you that HR is the “backbone” of the organisation.

I am currently based at the P&G Manchester Plant and have recently received my projects for the summer. It’s a hectic time where planning meetings and gaining insight is on the top of my priority list. I feel prepared to tackle any challenges or obstacles, much of it thanks to Intern College and On-boarding, which made the integration into the company effortless. 

Excitement is a key word of my perception of the next upcoming weeks. Also, the joy of being able to update your LinkedIn-profile with the P&G logo is grand.