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Ludwig: An Insight into Marketing

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

Hear from Ludwig about their journey within Marketing in P&G.

Starting and Current job title: Brand Manager

The start of something new is always exciting. The start of something new during a global pandemic is a whole other level of exciting.

Luckily, when I started at P&G, restrictions allowed for me to come into the office, pick up my badge, sign my contract and even meet my manager and predecessor in person, albeit socially distanced.

As my first role I was given responsibility over the King C. Gillette brand, a new brand which had just launched two months prior to my start date, which would become mine to protect, build and make known. As the first brand Gillette has launched in over 100 years, I was excited that I would play a significant role in executing it in the UK & Ireland markets.

On Day 1, I was already tasked with preparing to get back to our media planning agency on the best touchpoints for King C. Gillette as a brand, designing a sample kit for barbers, and talking to account managers about how sales are performing.

Since then, I have managed three national campaigns end-to-end, organised a video shoot with an influencer, negotiated contracts, seen King C. Gillette win best Male Grooming Launch in 2020 and crafted plans for the year ahead.

As the only Brand Manager on King C. Gillette for UK&I, I need to know the business inside out and act accordingly – how our sales are performing, what our media plan looks like, how we look in stores and how the brand is going to grow.

Yet despite this enormous amount of responsibility, I have never felt alone. Everyone at P&G has a passion for making things happen and more importantly, doing so together. I had and continue to have regular training on how to be the best Brand Manager I can possibly be. I get coached from anyone up to our VP of Northern Europe Grooming and I work with inspiring colleagues who always find the time, no matter how busy they are, to have a quick call and explain things to me.