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Life at PwC Middle East

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We’re a community of solvers that come together in unexpected ways to build trust and create sustained outcomes. We solve important problems, support one another as we grow, develop and build fulfilling careers. We thrive in uncertainty, operate with integrity and leverage the diverse perspectives of our teams.

We’re innovative, resilient change agents who are human-led and tech-powered. If you’re looking for a place that fuels your ambition to make a difference, that matches your curiosity with continuous learning opportunities and reimagines ways of working to enable you to lead a more balanced life, then you’re a future PwCer.

1. Balanced living

We’ve set out an ambitious purpose and strive to live it everyday: to solve important problems and build trust in society.

Here, you’ll find opportunities to work with a variety of leading clients and projects, drawing insights from our tech-powered network and global capabilities. We work together to make a difference in our communities, collaborating with others who want to be part of shaping big, meaningful change in the world. We’re solving for the future with a vision, building trust and delivering sustained outcomes along the way.

Through it all, we put your wellbeing first in good and challenging times so that you’re empowered and supported in bringing your best ‘you’ to work but also to life. Being well and working well means more than eating better and exercising. It’s about everyday behaviors and intentional habit-forming that help fuel our six dimensions of wellbeing — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial and social — which are proven drivers of performance, fulfillment and engagement.

The ongoing pandemic has blurred the lines between our personal and professional commitments. To be our best selves at work, home and everywhere in between, we encourage our people to speak up for what’s important to them and incorporate healthy habits into their routine, simple things like scheduling “me” time, stepping away from their computer for fresh air, checking in with a colleague or friend, reducing meeting times by %25, taking deep breaths between calls,... you get the idea!

2. Sense of belonging

We bring together our diverse experiences and perspectives to help build trust and deliver unexpected insights for our clients, our people and society.

We’re proud of the strength that comes from all our different backgrounds and career stages and we value everyone’s uniqueness. There is no one kind of PwCer and we leverage innovation and creativity that comes from diverse learning to solve complex, multifaceted problems and make the world a safer and more sustainable place.

We’re a business that leads with the heart and we prioritise our people. Led by our value of care, we find ways to help our teams, our clients and one another. We celebrate a job well done through distinctive recognition and rewards, in ways that are the most meaningful to you. We live by our values and make sure our work and daily practices are anchored in them. Your aspirations.

3. Unlocked potential

We are human-led and tech-powered. Committed to unlocking your full potential by helping you develop differentiated capabilities.

You’re in charge of how and where you grow and opportunities are as ambitious as you are. We’re looking to you to bring your commitment and dedication to quality and we’ll ensure that you're supported to develop and grow. You'll develop your skills personally and professionally, with coaching and in-the-moment feedback along the way. Regardless of where you start, our continuous, personalised learning and development opportunities and the work you do will enhance your skills for the future.

You’ll stretch your insights by working with multidisciplinary teams and clients to deliver one-of-a-kind thinking and solutions that the world needs and that drive sustained outcomes. You’ll learn on-the-job from others who have a broad range of deep subject matter competencies, including digital skills and emerging trends.

Throughout your career, you’ll be surrounded by leaders trusted by the largest global clients and coached to unlock your unique, authentic leadership style. We elevate leaders at every level who have the courage to be vulnerable and the strength to do the right thing, earning our clients’ and teams’ trust in the process.

4. Limitless possibility

We create flexibility by reimagining ways of working to enable you to be your best.

We’re building flexibility that goes beyond work-life balance – our goal is meaningful work life integration. We all have different commitments and schedules, so we offer you more freedom to work in a way that works better for you, but also meets the needs of your teams, your firm, and our clients.

The world is constantly shifting and flexibility itself must be flexible – so we continue to evolve, pushing the boundaries and reimagining what’s possible, office by office, project by project.

What are you waiting for?

Be part of something ambitious and impactful through purpose-led work. Feel respected as a whole person, not just as an employee, and be supported and championed to shape your future. Join us and be connected to an inclusive community passionate about solving problems.

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