Audit – Give It a Go

By PwC
Book open Reading time: 1 min

Welcome to PwC's ‘Audit - give it a go’ activity

This interactive exercise is designed to give you a taste of the work PwC do in audit for their clients - developing your knowledge, understanding, and relevant skills. You’ll be joining a fictional PwC audit team as they work on an exciting new client - a sustainable food supplier called Sustedible, whose vision is to sell fresh, healthy home-cooked meals from their kitchen, nationwide. Remember that the client is fictional, but the issues they face are real. 

You can access the Audit - Give it a Go activity at any time, and with ‘de-brief’ slides available, you’ll also be able to see PwC's suggested answers. Why not give it a go and help their fictional client, Sustedible, with the problems they’re facing as a growing business? 

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