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"The mentorship I received from senior management was key in directing my career. Whenever I had questions or needed guidance, they would direct me in the right path."

After completing her Masters in Engineering and having worked for a luxury watchmaker, Kenza was determined to take her career to the next level. She knew that she wanted to work for a leading luxury brand and came across the graduate opportunities at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

“The actual brand itself was a real enticement. Coming personally from a background where I have always been interested in the luxury industry, it was a no-brainer for me to apply. And, having worked in luxury watchmaking in Switzerland, I was always attracted to working in a technical environment."

Towards the end of the graduate programme, Kenza could see how far she had come already in both confidence and ability. When the time came to lead on projects, she thrived from the challenge and went from strength to strength.

"The immediate switch from being a graduate to then being responsible for a project, being involved in key decision making was definitely a challenge. But it was a challenge that strengthened me. That transition, that immediate switch from graduate to project leader, was the highlight of my growth."

From her time on the graduate program to her current role as a Quality Project Leader, Kenza has had opportunities to work closely with other teams across the business. It has allowed her to develop relationships with a variety of people from different backgrounds and perspectives- all working collaboratively and supporting each other along the way to reach their full potential.

“It is very enjoyable, because I get to work with individuals who all bring something different to the company's growth. It's really satisfying to see, almost like all these parts of the puzzle coming together into one piece."

Kenza has come a long way since her time on the Graduate programme and is now playing a significant role on integral projects.

" Whenever an issue arises, and people need help or support, I’m the go-to person. My colleagues trust me and value my expertise. I really feel like I've made an impact here."