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The Industry: Asset Finance in brief

By Alfa
Book open Reading time: 1 min

Asset finance is a major global industry, with the most obvious example being car finance. Making a big payment can have a major impact on cash flow, both for people and companies. If you finance an asset, you can benefit from using it without paying in full on day one, usually by making regular payments in return for its use.

Almost any physical asset can be financed. Finance providers - our customers - usually deal with either large volumes of relatively low-cost assets, such as cars and computers; or smaller volumes of high-cost assets, such as aircraft and satellites. There are countless types of finance products available, but most are variants of one of the four fundamental arrangements: finance lease, operating lease, hire purchase and loan.

Some examples of asset finance might include

  • An individual consumer is looking to buy a new car but can’t afford to buy it upfront in cash, so they pay for the car in installments over a 3-year period
  • A farmer is looking to grow their business during busy seasonal months, but only requires farming equipment to support them with this for a few months of the year. Instead of buying the equipment upfront, they lease it from a provider for the amount of time they need to use it for

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