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The top five reasons to apply to UBS

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At UBS, we rely on our people to deliver consistently high standards for our clients. We choose our people with care and make sure we provide a working environment that encourages the best to thrive. Here are five reasons why you should apply to UBS.

1. You will become part of a firm that is well known for having a trustworthy and mutually supportive environment

As a company, we have a lot going for us. We are a truly global firm with outstanding employees and a superior client franchise. We know our employees are our greatest asset - their skills, ideas and drive to succeed make it possible for us to deliver consistently good service to our clients and shareholders.  

Our workforce is truly global. At the end of 2014, our employees worked in 893 offices, spoke more than 130 languages and were citizens of 147 countries. We offer talented individuals like you a challenging, diverse and collaborative working environment where passion, commitment and hard work are valued and rewarded.  As part of this, we strive to have a highly objective candidate evaluation process, where every candidate has an equal opportunity to compete for available positions.

To thrive here, you must demonstrate integrity, collaborate with your peers, and have the confidence to constructively challenge the status quo. Voted one of the world's Top 50 "Most Attractive Employers" between 2009-2015 by global employer branding firm Universum, UBS is an exciting and great environment to develop a career.

2. You will become part of a global organisation where collaboration and innovation happen every day

Employees in every business division work across geographic and organizational boundaries daily, bringing together the skills and expertise to meet the needs of our clients and build our businesses. 

We’re a big firm and we value strong cooperation among our different business divisions and departments. This adds to the opportunities for you to learn and grow on the job.  We also believe that companies with diverse workforces and inclusive work environments excel in understanding and serving clients.  We are proud of our high-performance and collaborative culture.

One of the keys to our success is to unsettle what seems to be settled. Challenge conventional wisdom. Look for the gaps. Keep pushing the envelope. That's what we do every day, and you should expect no less. Ingenuity is no accident. It's a discipline that must be practiced.

3. The training you get during your internship or Graduate Training Programme experience will help you build new skills so that you can work to the best of your ability

Joining UBS is only the start. Whatever career stage you're in, you want to develop new skills, learn new things and build your career. We want you to do that too, and we have developed a strong management culture and processes to support our shared goals.

We value strong performance, personal accountability and individual development. As an employee, you can take advantage of a broad range of training and learning opportunities throughout your career. Helping our employees learn and grow is so important to us that we offer a wide range of courses and classes across the firm, including more than 5,100 eLearning courses that allow employees to build skills at their own pace. As part of your training, we will help you develop your communication and interpersonal skills and support you in building a network among your peers, recent graduates and experienced professionals from across the firm.

Mentoring is also an important element of many of our talent development programs. A mentor can help you grow personally and professionally and assist you in building up your network within the organization.

4. Moving within the firm, whether it's in a different role or a different location, is something we strongly encourage

Changing jobs within the organization, including working in different roles, businesses or locations, can be a great way to develop yourself and your career. At UBS, we encourage job mobility and we have a large, open internal job board that covers all business divisions and regions. 

At UBS, you take the lead when it comes to considering your individual career interests and development goals. Once you have completed your Graduate Training Program, there are endless opportunities for you to explore. 

5. You will become part an organisation that wants to support young talent in building a great career. This makes graduates an important and valued group of people in our firm

As a UBS employee, you'll be part of a global team where your career can move forward and where you'll be appreciated for your abilities and your initiative – all while learning from smart and ambitious people who value and respect different points of view.

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