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Society of the Year Award 2018 KCL Blockchain - Their Experience

By Jeremy Pui
Book open Reading time: 1 min

The Bright Network Society of the Year Awards provided an invaluable platform to share the narrative and achievements of KCL Blockchain, and meet equally driven individuals from other student societies in the UK

We spent a few days filming and editing the initial application for the Innovation Award, and tried to involve as many people from the society as possible in the process. In producing the video submission, we were able to establish what made us innovative and why we believed we deserved to win the award in a concise summary, and the live pitch at the event allowed us to expand on and consolidate how the award would enable the society to scale and further our potential.

The money will be used to expedite the development of our various projects, including the promotion of Women in Tech and our social impact venture, Blockcharity, which focuses on using blockchain technology to increase transparency in the donation process with charities. We greatly appreciate winning the award as it not only recognises our multidisciplinary, self-organising approach but also our accomplishments in acting as a hub for blockchain in London and beyond, developing meaningful output and creating work experience, networking and job opportunities for our members.