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Our vision is to create exceptional human experiences through a greater sense of hearing. 


We are the global leader in intelligent sound recognition. Our AI technology gives consumer products a sense of hearing beyond just speech and music and, as a result, a greater understanding of context.

Our embedded software platforms (ai3™ and ai3-nano™) are suitable for a wide range of products from smart speakers and video doorbells to smartphones and true wireless earbuds. They have been licensed to some of the world's most prominent consumer technology companies and can be found in many products available today.

Sound recognition is already having an impact on consumers, such as giving them peace of mind when they leave their home by listening out for sounds that indicate all is not well like breaking windows, smoke alarms, dogs barking, etc. But by thinking about a sense of hearing in its broadest terms, there are many more experiences that an understanding of sound can enable within consumer devices. In some cases this will still be responding to a particular sound, like a car horn, but in many more cases the combinations of sounds will provide contextually-rich information that will help connect us to the past, be in the present or anticipate the near future. 

Plus, the range of consumer devices that would benefit from a sense of hearing is wide. This can be static devices around the home like smart speakers and displays, doorbells, cameras, set-top-boxes, TVs, lightbulbs, thermostats, etc. They can be mobile too, like smartphones, earbuds, AR glasses, smart watches and vehicles.

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