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About C. Hoare & Co.

Introduction to the bank

C. Hoare & Co. is the UK’s s oldest privately owned bank. It was founded at the Sign of the Golden Bottle by Sir Richard Hoare in 1672 and has been in the continuous ownership of the Hoare family for 12 generations.

Our seven partners, all direct descendants of Sir Richard, play a central role in the business and retain unlimited liability. Their conservative attitude to risk means the bank is consistently well capitalised, while our independence and small size enable agility and swift decision making.

Hoare family values of honesty, empathy, excellence and social responsibility are embedded at every level of the organisation.  We strive to be ‘good bankers and good citizens’ and our exceptional reputation for personalised service sets us apart from our competitors. The bank has premises at Fleet Street and Lowndes Street in London and has in recent years established a strong regional presence in East Anglia and the South West, North West and North East of England.

For all our exceptional heritage, we are a progressive, outward-looking organisation. We recognise that customers’ needs are constantly evolving and have set in train an ambitious digital transformation programme. Our services, too, are tailored to the needs of wealthy individuals today:  as well as personal and business accounts, we offer specialised services for rural estate owners, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, as well as professional individuals and family businesses.

The bank has a centuries-long tradition of philanthropy.  The charitable aims of the bank and the Hoare family are furthered by The Golden Bottle Trust, which receives a percentage of annual profits and maintains a long tradition of social impact, while our innovative Master Charitable Trust supports the philanthropic endeavours of our customers. Colleagues throughout the bank are also encouraged to take an active part in philanthropic projects.

In 2022, C. Hoare & Co. became B-Corp accredited, which means we meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. To read more about B-Corp accreditation, please click here.


Outstanding customer experience, bespoke banking services, flexible lending and philanthropy.


Our people are proud to work for C. Hoare & Co. – this is something you feel immediately when you visit the bank. We place high value on diversity, in every sense, and colleagues are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds. Our partners and senior management team are highly accessible and ideas are welcomed from colleagues at all levels.

As a member of our graduate programme, you will have the chance to work in several different areas of the business. To ensure you are well prepared to make the most of these opportunities, you will be assigned a personal support team:

  • You will have a Buddy – someone who can answer any question about the bank, the building and our processes and procedures.
  • You will have a Mentor – someone who can provide advice, guidance and counsel on navigating the bank’s structure and your career.
  • You will have a Line Manager for each rotation – someone to set objectives, manage performance and help with your professional development.
  • You will have access to a dedicated colleague within the People team to guide your development.
  • You will have access to a wide range of learning and development opportunities, including e-learning, on-the-job experiences, classroom workshops and shadowing programmes.

Social Networks

We have several social clubs and networks across the bank such as the Sports, Social & Volunteering Club, ED&I Network and a Women’s Network. You are welcome to join any of these networking communities, and you can also participate in philanthropic and volunteering events throughout the year.  In addition, the bank hosts regular social events for colleagues.

Live opportunities