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About British International Investment

We are the UK’s development finance institution and impact investor with a mission to help solve the biggest global development challenges by investing patient, flexible capital to support private sector growth and innovation. The financial returns we make from our investments are recycled to support more businesses to achieve impact. 

We invest to create more productive, sustainable and inclusive economies in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, enabling people in those countries to build better lives for themselves and their communities.

We invest in green infrastructure, technology and other sectors that need our capital the most. 

We currently partner with almost 1,500 businesses in emerging economies, and have total assets of £8.1 billion. We work with our investee partners to support them to succeed and grow impactful businesses.

We are a key partner to emerging economies that are most vulnerable to the climate emergency. Within our current strategy we have committed to at least 30 per cent of our total new commitments to be in climate finance, making us one of the world’s largest such investors in Africa.

We are incredibly passionate about diversity within our business. We will continue building a team of hard-working professionals who genuinely believe in our mission and strategic priorities. Our teams are impact-led and tenacious in the face of challenges, and you should be too. As our business continues to expand, we are looking for like-minded, ambitious graduates who are motivated by our mission to deliver impact.

If you are looking for a career in impact investing, our Investment and Impact Graduate Analyst Programme offers a wide overview of, and insight into, British International Investment. We have designed this programme to give you exposure to both investment and impact career paths, developing the core skills and experience needed to become a well-rounded impact and investment professional.

 By joining our graduate programme, you’ll play an important role in helping us address some of the biggest challenges facing developing and emerging economies.

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