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Charityworks was born in a coffee shop in 2008, where a series of conversations with like-minded colleagues in the sector gave breath to a personal idea that had been developing over a number of years spent working in, and with, non profit organisations. Without encouragement and hard work from people such as Helen Baker, Sonia Bartlett and Norma Clayton, Charityworks would have stayed simply as an idea and not become the programme it is today. The idea stemmed from three things: firstly, a recognition of the lack of a robust and successful talent development strategy in many non profit organisations.

Secondly, an acknowledgment that people with exceptional talent and commitment were finding it hard to find an entry into the sector. And thirdly, a sense of frustration that working in the sector was rarely promoted as a career of choice despite its huge benefits. The confidence to pursue the idea came from two shared beliefs. One was a belief in the power and necessity of partnership and collaboration in producing the best results in a challenging financial climate, the other was a shared conviction that the sector is a fantastic place to work for people with vision, ambition and talent, and should be promoted as such.

Charityworks often have live graduate roles and other opportunities for students. Click on the visit website button below to find out more and start your application. Don't forgot to cite you came from Bright Network if you apply.

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