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About CityFibre

At CityFibre, we’re building a new, intelligent, open-access fibre network, purpose built for the data age. We’re upgrading communities across the country, giving people a better foundation for their digital lives, enabling businesses to innovate, and helping to strengthen the UK economy.

Our national networks are expanding rapidly, and we are already the network of choice for major Internet Service Providers and mobile operators including TalkTalk, Three, Vodafone and Zen, as well as dozens of exciting smaller providers.

Using our networks, our customers can provide theirs, be they homes, businesses, schools, or hospitals with broadband, Ethernet and mobile connections so quick and reliable, you can practically take them for granted.

With almost two million premises already passed, our fully financed rollout programme is on track to serve a third of the UK by 2025. That’s around 8m homes, 800k businesses, 400k local authority sites and 250k 5G access points that will soon have access to the UK’s finest digital infrastructure.

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