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About Civil Aviation Authority

Founded in 1972, the Civil Aviation Authority is the UK’s Aerospace regulator. Recognised as a world leader in our field, we are at the cutting edge of the exciting and ever-changing aviation environment. Aviation affects nearly everyone, people who fly in passenger aeroplanes, fly drones or light aircraft, even hot air balloons and model aircraft. What we do can affect people who work for companies in the industry or in tourism, manufacturing and food and drink suppliers. Aviation has opened up the world to more people than ever before, but we have to be mindful of noise pollution and environmental issues.

Here at CAA, our purpose is simple: To help deliver high standards of safety, security and consumer protection for the benefit of consumers and the public, uphold consumer choice, value and fair treatment, and enhance vibrant, competitive and innovative aviation and aerospace sectors. We strive to share with and learn from others in order to cultivate an agile, diverse, high-performing and values-based organisation.

Not only this, but we understand the importance of being environmentally conscious. We're committed to developing relationships to support ongoing global improvement in aviation and aerospace and improving environmental performance. In 2021, this remit expanded even further as the CAA became the safety regulator for the UK space industry.

As for our employees, we're committed to ensuring everyone feels safe, welcomed, and supported. Like most employers we have legal responsibilities towards your Health and Safety, but our commitment to your safety goes well beyond this. The health and safety of everyone here at CAA is our priority and concern. Regardless of your responsibilities and role, we are here to make sure that we have the right work environment and tools to allow you to can carry your work safely. 

In 2019, our Diversity and Inclusion Colleague Network was established and now consists of volunteer members from all CAA directorates. The network provides a sense of community, inspires and supports all colleagues, and raises awareness of people’s lived experiences to create a genuinely inclusive culture at the CAA. The network is open to all and encourages diversity and inclusion allies to get involved.

To ensure your ongoing development with us, you'll start your journey at CAA by having a conversation with your manager and setting some performance outcomes. You will have regular 121s, catch-ups and reviews to help you stay on track and progress. If you're looking to work at the forefront of an exciting industry, in a company that supports your growth and development, then take a look at our current opportunities!

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