Supply Chain and Logistics
About Easyjet

We are a low-cost European point-to-point airline. We use our cost advantage, operational efficiency and leading positions in primary airports to deliver low fares, seamlessly connecting Europe with the warmest welcome in the sky. easyJet is the seventh largest airline in the world, with 342 aircraft and 48 million customers across 35 countries and 154 airports. easyJet holidays was launched in 2019 in order to offer holiday packages which also encourages the 97% of customers travelling on leisure to spend more with us, rather than book accommodation elsewhere.

How we do it

  • Our leading position at slot-constrained airports with high customer demand allows us to deliver profitable growth and resilient returns over the long term
  • Our cost efficiency is achieved through long-term strategic partnerships with key airports and ground-handling operators
  • easyJet has a focus on providing services which our customers value
  • The new easyJet holidays offering has been tailored to the needs of the ‘easyJet generation’

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