Energy & Infrastructure
About E.ON

E.ON UK provides electricity and gas to millions of customers across the UK. It’s incredibly complex work, yet our vision is a simple one. We want to be the trusted energy partner because everything we do is about helping our customers. By providing them with energy, we warm their homes, light their offices, cook their food and so much more. From the contact centre to the power station, all our people are doing their bit to provide one of life’s essentials.

It is an exciting work environment. Energy is a fast moving sector that’s constantly evolving, which means we have to evolve and adapt too. You’ll be challenged and, as we move forward, you too will develop new skills and experiences.

We also take career development seriously. We’re a large organisation with opportunities in everything from customer service and marketing, to engineering and IT, to finance and procurement – both here in the UK and overseas.

Providing reliable and affordable energy is one of the biggest challenges we face today. By joining E.ON, you’ll be part of the solution. So come with us, and enjoy the feeling of moving forward.

Don’t forget to cite Bright Network on your E.ON application form, they’re keen to hear from our members