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Technology & IT Infrastructure
About Foundry Zero

We’re Foundry Zero, a small company that focuses on low-level cyber research & development work, which means we spend most of our time digging into the details of how computers work and how secure they are.

We founded the company in 2021, so we’re still small but we’re growing. That means we're looking for more people who share our passion for technology and learning and who want to work in a challenging and rewarding industry. 

Workplace & culture

We started the company to create a fun and engaging place for people with deep technical skills to work, with “low-friction” processes and policies so our staff can focus on doing what they do best: solving hard technical problems.

Working at Foundry Zero

We know the best people want to be doing the most interesting and challenging work. If they're not learning new skills they won't stick around long. That's why we're very particular about the work we do. We'll only take work on if we know our staff will find it exciting and rewarding.

To make sure we can do the work we need a talented and motivated team working at the top of their game. This means we have high standards in everything we do, including recruitment.

Luckily we're also a supportive, inclusive and enthusiastic bunch, so if you've got the aptitude and motivation to succeed we'll do our best to support you.

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