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About KAL

KAL is a world-leading ATM software provider, specializing in solutions for bank ATMs, self-service kiosks, and bank branch networks. Established in 1989, KAL is an independent company with extensive relationships across hardware vendors, solutions providers, and end customers. KAL was founded by Dr Aravinda Korala, a recognized and respected leader in the industry, who is KAL's CEO. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, KAL has offices around the world. We have a multinational workforce to help us understand local customer needs whilst relating to global challenges.

KAL brings together a 'superset' of software products, unparalleled expertise, and industry experience with a quality of customer support that is second to none. The result is ATM, kiosk, and bank branch software solutions that reduce operating costs and set the standards for the next generation of retail banking operations. Benchmark flexibility, mission-critical robustness, and the highest levels of security make KAL's advanced, multivendor self-service and bank branch software systems unrivaled worldwide.

We aim to achieve two specific goals for our products:

  • Embrace global standards
  • Provide solutions that are entirely hardware-independent

Our experience extends from developing remote management of large ATM networks to creating biometric security systems. We have successfully developed many combinations of configurations and functionality, and specialise in creating bespoke solutions for our clients’ specific needs.

We understand how to control complex configurations featuring both common and unusual device peripherals. These range from all types of magnetic and smart card handlers to cash and coin acceptors and dispensers, printers of all kinds, and many other types of devices.