Lidl GB

Consumer, FMCG & Retail

Having been around since the 1930’s, and opening our first UK store in the early 90’s we have never looked back. Instead, we have expanded rapidly and now have over 640 stores and nearly 20,000 employees in the UK alone. 

Lidl, which was crowned Best Supermarket at the 2016 Good Housekeeping awards, takes pride in providing top quality products at the lowest possible prices throughout the country, from Kirkwall to the Isle of Wight. 

Internationally, we have over 10,000 stores and around 210,000 employees. We also have over 135 warehouses shipping some 1,600 products to almost every country in Europe.

As an employer we have a simple philosophy, we keep our employees happy, our employees keep our customers happy, and our business continues to grow and flourish. Everybody wins!


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