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Would you like to play a role in making our financial markets operate more efficiently and transparently? Are you excited about the prospect of working alongside colleagues whose views help shape the risk and credit-sensitive markets worldwide? If so, you should consider a career at Moody’s. Sitting at the heart of the global capital markets, Moody’s is recognized for the important role we play in shaping the thinking of participants in credit-risk sensitive markets. The quality and depth of our credit research, opinions and ratings; our award-winning risk management software; and our professional and training services all contribute to the more effective functioning of the credit and risk-sensitive markets around the world. Individuals, firms, governments and regulators rely on Moody’s thought leadership to inform their decision-making across a wide range of credit and risk issues. From the developed markets to the developing and frontier markets around the world, Moody’s and its employees provide products and services that make a difference in global and local markets.

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