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About Next Jump

Next Jump, as a ‘Deliberately Developmental Organisation’, is on a mission to create high-performing workplace cultures across the globe. People development is at the heart of everything we do and we follow this simple mantra:

Better Me + Better You = Better Us.

Next Jumpers train and improve themselves at work (Better Me) and use that knowledge to help others (Better You), together we create a better world (Better Us).

Headquartered in New York, based in London, our cutting-edge e-commerce platform is used by 30 million employees across Fortune 1000 companies and generates $2 billion in sales every year. We use the revenue generated from this platform to fuel our social movement: changing workplace culture. We run ‘Leadership Academies’ and provide our technology for free to help organisations build adaptive learning teams. We have helped a large range of organisations, varying from likes of JP Morgan Chase, the Military through to state schools/charities. 

Over the last 12 months, our core and social businesses have been growing rapidly. We are looking for driven and entrepreneurial individuals to join us! If you are looking for a ‘not-your-typical graduate job/internship’, then Next Jump’s the place for you!

Don’t forget to cite Bright Network on your Next Jump application form, they’re keen to hear from our members