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About Ofcom

Ofcom is the regulator for the communications services that we use and rely on each day. We make sure people get the best from their broadband, home phone and mobile services, as well as keeping an eye on TV and radio.

We also oversee the universal postal service, and look after the airwaves used by wireless devices like cordless phones, walkie talkies and even some car keys and doorbells. We also help to make sure people don’t get scammed and are protected from bad practices.

Right now, people are changing their attitudes and preferences, with technology changing our experience and expectation of communications at a faster rate than ever before. It’s a really exciting time to join Ofcom's diverse and dynamic teams to tackle some of the biggest issues within communication and broadcasting.

On the graduate scheme, you will embark on a two-year series of job placements, moving between projects and departments, exposing you to a range of  knowledge and insight. One week you might be devising new policy directives; the next, monitoring content standards. After completing the two-year scheme you will make the transition into a permanent role in one of the business areas relevant to your chosen pathway.

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