Pathways to Planning

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About Pathways to Planning

Pathways to Planning is a new graduate scheme for the next generation of local government Planners. The programme will fast-track the careers of talented individuals from any degree background in an exciting, rewarding career.

Pathways Graduate Planners will gain:

  • Minimum salary of £24,000- 37,000 depending on location;
  • A three year contract with a local council planning team;
  • A fully-funded Master’s degree in Planning (the right course will be selected by your council);
  • Paid time off work to study;
  • Varied work experience;
  • Mentoring and support.

Planners are responsible for deciding how our built environment develops and is maintained, taking into account everything from climate change and crime to community spaces and affordable housing. Planners look at the big picture to decide what is built, how it is built and who it is built for. They shape communities and protect the environment, providing a sense of place for people today and in the future.

Pathways to Planning exists to find and develop graduates with the potential to be among the best planners working in local government, now and in the future. We are looking to recruit graduates as diverse as the communities that councils serve, and no prior knowledge of planning or local government is needed.

Once Graduate Planners have finished their postgraduate study, they are on track to become fully accredited Planners and able to progress into more senior roles. Council planning teams have excellent career progression routes, and a vested interest in seeing their Pathways graduates succeed.

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