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Police Now is a charity which strives to transform communities by recruiting, developing and inspiring leaders in policing. Diversity and inclusion matters, and we believe it is our unique differences that connect us; therefore, we aim to recruit high-achieving graduates from diverse backgrounds, especially those who might not have previously considered policing.  

The challenge is unique. The environment is fast paced. Our National Detective Programme is a direct entry route for graduates to become a detective and has been designed to allow participants to take ownership of situations within an ever-changing criminal landscape. This leadership development programme offers you a career opportunity like no other: developing leadership skills in a unique environment while making a real and lasting difference to vulnerable communities that are impacted by crime.

The programme is designed to equip you with the core policing skills required in modern investigative work. Being a detective is all about how you interpret information and being able to see clues where others don’t, allowing you to see below the surface.

Throughout the salaried two-year programme, you’ll be a visible leader in your community. You’ll develop skills in negotiation, problem solving, decision-making, and emotional intelligence as a Trainee Detective Constable. At the end of the two years, you will have a number of options inside policing available to you. You’ll be able to seek promotion if you feel you have the confidence and skills to do so. You may also choose to leave policing to use the skills and experience you’ve developed in a different role or sector.

How do I know I have what it takes?

Successful candidates will be tactical and resilient focusing on working towards defined goals, rarely losing focus – the tenacity you bring to your role as a detective will help you deliver on these key attributes. You’ll critically analyse information and collaborate with others, combining insight and evidence to define root causes of some of the UK’s most complex problems/scenarios.

Applications are now open for our National Detective Programme.

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