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About Rothesay

At Rothesay, we are striving to transform our industry, creating fundamentally more secure pensions for over 930,000 people – and rising – across the UK. We believe deeply in creating real security for the future and our leadership in finding new and better ways to do that is the key to our success.

To do that, we need the very brightest original thinkers to bring creativity as well as rigour.

Rothesay is built on a multi-talented, multi-disciplined team of just over 450, collaborating directly and with singular focus to shape a dynamic and growing yet lean business. Rothesay is a rewarding place to work, where quality people can thrive and prosper. We pride ourselves on the connections our people build, many of whom have been with us for over ten years.

We believe in creating prosperity and security for the future – for our people as well as our policyholders.

Rothesay is the UK’s largest pensions insurance specialist, purpose-built to protect pension schemes and their members’ pensions. Our singular focus is to secure pension annuities for the future, providing certainty as well as genuine service excellence for every policyholder we look after.

Our conservative investment strategy and prudent underwriting mean we are trusted by the pension schemes of some of the UK’s best known companies to provide pension solutions, including British Airways, Cadbury’s, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Co-operative Group, National Grid, Morrisons and telent. Underpinned by sophisticated risk management, our expert team never stops developing new ways to drive predictable, dependable returns that minimise risk and create real security.

Today, we manage over £60 billion in assets, secure the pensions of over 930,000 people, and pay out, on average, over £200 million in pension payments each month. We are securing the future for every one of our clients and policyholders, and improving how pensions are delivered as we do it.


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