Insurance & Risk Management
About Rothesay

Rothesay is a leading provider of regulated insurance solutions in the UK market for pensions de-risking. We provide solutions to pension schemes and other insurance companies. Established in 2007, Rothesay has grown to become the largest specialist annuity provider in the UK market. On 31 December 2018, we had over £36bn of assets under management, insuring the pensions of over 770,000 individuals. During 2018 we paid a total of £1.9bn in pension benefits.

The company operates in a structurally high growth market and, despite record low interest rates, the bulk annuity and pension buyout business has been strong. Our strategy is to be patient, disciplined and creative in underwriting which is critical in a market where levels of competition can vary. We do not chase volume and instead focus on value and risk.

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