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About Royal Society of Chemistry

Our mission is to advance excellence in the chemical sciences and this has been the case since 1841 when 77 scientists – including doctors, academics, manufacturers and entrepreneurs – formed the Chemical Society of London, with dialysis inventor Thomas Graham as their first President.

Seven years later Queen Victoria granted a Royal Charter to the Society, confirming its purpose of "the general advancement of Chemical Science".

After 175 years our mission is just as relevant and valid; our work today still fulfils the roles undertaken by all four long-established bodies. But we pursue that mission on a scale the first 77 members would find inconceivable. We now have over 54,000 members across the world, an internationally-renowned not-for-profit publishing and knowledge business, and a reputation as an influential champion for the chemical sciences.

Being part of the Royal Society of Chemistry is to be at the heart of a dedicated, forward-thinking and passionate collection of people. You’ll find opportunities to work in publishing, membership, sales, marketing, communications, technology and finance, community outreach, and many others, in locations including Cambridge, London, Beijing, Washington and Bangalore.

Everything we do, no matter the area, is to support a global scientific community. The groups we work with are exceptionally diverse – from teachers, scientists and academics, librarians and corporates to politicians and the public.

If you share our passion, and would like to find out how you could contribute to a highly successful not for profit organisation, get in touch.

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