The British Army

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Lead from the front, do something that matters, and put other people first. Become a British Army Officer and you’ll get much more from life than you ever would with a civilian career – you’ll become part of a tradition of leadership and selfless service that stretches back hundreds of years.

The route to becoming an Army Officer starts at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. Whatever you’ve studied, this is where you’ll learn everything from fundamental skills – like outdoor survival and weapons handling – to big-picture military strategy and the theoretical elements of leadership. You’ll learn alongside people from a whole range of backgrounds who will become the closest friends you’ll ever have, relying on them just as much as they will on you.

When you complete the course you’ll commission as Second Lieutenant and undertake the specialist training that will prepare you for your place in the Army. We need all kinds of people to work effectively – so you could learn anything from combat engineering to hi-tech telecommunications to intelligence gathering. Then you’ll take command of a platoon or troop of soldiers, set an example for them, and serve their interests. Whatever your role, you’ll be part of a regiment or corps with a unique history and traditions, living and serving alongside fellow Officers who’ve been through the same tests as you, and will share in your successes and challenges.

You’ll benefit from the best leadership training in the world, a career that will help you make the most of it, and a clear path for promotion. Life as an Army Officer offers people with potential, a focus for their ambition and a place where they can truly belong.

Find where you belong. Become an Army Officer.

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