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About WPP

WPP is the world's largest communications services group, employing 190,000 people* working in 3,000 offices in 112 countries. A world leader in marketing communications, WPP companies exist to help their clients compete successfully: in marketing strategy, advertising, every form of marketing communication and in monitoring progress. We relieve our companies of much administrative work. Financial matters (such as planning, budgeting, reporting, control, treasury, tax, mergers, acquisitions, investor relations) are co-ordinated centrally. This frees WPP companies to devote their time to the pursuit of professional excellence.

We encourage and enable our companies of different disciplines to work together, for the benefit of clients and the satisfaction of our people. In the management of talent, the parent company plays an across-the-Group role. A recent development, and for a minority of clients, WPP itself can function as the 21st century equivalent of the full-service agency, acting as a portal to provide a single point of contact and accountability.

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