Application deadline was 24th October 2023, 3:00pm

Ever wondered what it’s like to work in consulting and tech?...

Well now is your chance to find out! This is your invite to Accenture Live, an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into one of the world’s largest consulting and technology firms.

Accenture Live is our exciting new show filmed and broadcast live from inside the Accenture office, jam packed with info about the future of technology and how to break into the industry. Featuring interviews with our graduates, recruiters and senior leaders, you won’t want to miss this!

We’ve got three episodes being streamed live at 4pm on the 17th, 19th and 24th of October.

In each episode, we’ll invite some of our most inspiring people into the studio to share their stories and insights on the future of technology and work.

Episode 3: Building a career with purpose
What does it mean to have purpose? Managers and graduates from across Accenture will uncover how they’ve built a career with purpose.