The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged health and care systems across the world and had an impact, unprecedented in most living memory, on service delivery and viability. The news agenda is dominated by daily stories of the response, often depicted in terms of the heroism of those at the front line in the struggle against the disease. The loss of life has been tragic, and some of the logistical challenges relating to testing and provision of protective equipment have seemed insurmountable.

But this is also a period of intense innovation, collaboration and problem solving, in relation to search for vaccines, expansion of capacity to ventilate, or to move much of the routine work of public services online.

In this webinar, WBS academics share their views on the implications of these unprecedented events for leadership in healthcare, both now and in the future. Dimitrios Spyridonidis will discuss what it means to lead, and to follow, in the eye of the storm of such an event. Nicola Burgess will explore the role that systematic approaches to the management of quality can play in responding to a crisis. Eivor Oborn will discuss the implications of the explosion of innovation and the decisions that will need to be confronted as to which such be retained. And Graeme Currie will discuss the ways that organisations need to learn if they are to come through the current crisis stronger for the future.

Bernard Crump will introduce this initial session and help you to raise the questions you would like to see addressed during the webinar.

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