This role is focused on supporting the Strategy Through a Youth Lens team on creating a new small pilot project for young people. You will be working with young people to co-create and deliver this project. You’ll be creating the pilot project from a list of proposed ideas which have already been gathered from young people.

This pilot project will help to shape the future of the British Red Cross’ support for young people. As well as this pilot project you can get involved in several other projects and activities within our wider team.

Who wants you?

The Strategy Through a Youth Lens Programme (STYL) and Diaspora Humanitarian Partnership Programme (DHPP) want you!

STYL is a two-year programme, and we are looking to engage young people in co-production and consultation activities. If you are aged between 15-30 this is your opportunity to influence how we transform the way, we work. The aims of this project are to:

  • Understand how our causes connect with young people, identifying where there is the greatest need for our support.
  • Become a more accessible and youth friendly organisation for our supporters, staff and volunteers

Everything we do in the STYL team relates to our Strategy 2030 and our key causes and pillars:

  1. Disasters and Emergencies
  2. Health Inequalities
  3. Displacement and Migration
  4. Our Planet
  5. Our People
  6. Building a Movement

This volunteer placement is supported financially by the Diaspora Humanitarian Partnership Programme (DHPP).

DHPP is a two-year programme that aims to explore ways we can improve our engagement with diaspora communities and diaspora responders in the UK and enable the wider international humanitarian community to learn from and adapt our approaches.

Many definitions of the term ‘diaspora’ exist, but taking into consideration the purpose of the programme, and our identity as a humanitarian actor, we have decided to use the following definition: An individual who belongs to or identifies with another country in addition to the UK, and they still maintain links to their homelands or country(s) of origin, either real or symbolic, and to each other based on a sense of history, identity, or mutual experience.

Why we want you?

The STYL team has worked with over 750 young people to gather their ideas about how we can be more relevant and accessible to them. We are now putting some of these ideas into practice and we would love to have your support in creating one of these pilot projects.

Continuing along this trend, we aim to engage with young people from diverse backgrounds to incorporate multiple perspectives into our work, so it is holistic and integrated. Therefore, we hope to draw on your unique experience as a young person from a diaspora background.

Role description

You will work with the STYL team to support the research, facilitation, and exploration of young people's perspectives on the displacement and migration cause of the BRC 2030 strategy. Your main role will be to develop and run (with support) one of the pilot projects that was recommended by young people, for young people in the first part of our programme.

  • Administration and logistical support for co-production workshops
  • Organising and working with other young people to develop a pilot from the proposals created the 2030 strategy.
  • Run a pilot project (with support)
  • Evaluate and get feedback about a pilot project (with support)
  • Assisting the wider STYL team members with other pilot projects, as agreed with the line manager.
  • Opportunity to get involved in elements of the BRC that interest you as appropriate and in agreement with the line manager.

What you will be doing

  • Supporting the STYL team with planning and preparation for co-production workshops
  • Organising and working with other young people to develop a pilot from the proposals created for the displacement and migration cause of the 2030 strategy.
  • Running a mini pilot project (with support from the wider team).
  • Evaluating and getting feedback about the pilot project (with support from the wider team)
  • Assisting the wider STYL team members with other pilot projects, as agreed with the line manager.

The skills you need

  • Good interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills
  • Someone who has lived experience of being a member of a diaspora community (essential) - Please see above the definition of diaspora.
  • Creative and willing to share your ideas
  • Computer literate, including Microsoft Office, Outlook, Team Site, Zoom.
  • An interest in working with young people
  • Full training can be given for any technical requirements.

What's in it for you

  • A full induction to the British Red Cross, with ongoing support and supervision throughout your placement.
  • Access to relevant in-house training and development opportunities, including British Red Cross intranet site, e-learning facility and one-to-one career sessions or career development workshops.
  • Valuable exposure to the work of the Red Cross in the UK and around the world.
  • A great opportunity to develop your existing skills and to gain new ones.
  • Reasonable travel and lunch expenses paid.
  • An opportunity to design and deliver an entirely new project for the British Red Cross (the world’s largest humanitarian movement)
  • Spending time with a very friendly, youth focused team.
  • Being a volunteer for the British Red Cross means that you can proudly say you are part of the world’s largest humanitarian organisation, and one of our 13 million volunteers across the world.