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The combination of big ticket work and a collegiate culture makes Macfarlanes unique. Being a firm which relies on the quality of its people, we understand the importance of investing time in junior members of the team – this is just as important as the work itself.

What you'll do

We’ll make sure you have the perfect blend of hands-on experience and ongoing learning opportunities. You will spend six months in four different practice areas, including a compulsory corporate and M&A seat. We'll allow you to shape your training contract. You will have the opportunity to submit your seat preferences and we'll do our best to ensure you get to work in the seats that most interest you.

In each of your seats, you can expect to share a room with a partner or senior solicitor who will support you every step of the way. You will also follow an intensive schedule of seminars and lectures presented by partners or senior solicitors.

What you'll need

You will need to be in the penultimate year of a law degree, in the final year of a non-law degree, or have graduated.

How to apply

The first stage of our assessment process for the training contract is an application form. If successful you will be invited to our assessment day. On the assessment day you can expect a partner interview, a written exercise, a group exercise and an in-tray exercise. You don’t need to have attended one of our vacation schemes and if your application for the vacation scheme wasn’t successful, you can still apply for a training contract.

The majority of our assessment processes for both our vacation schemes and training contracts are scored CV blind. We also use a contextual recruitment tool to understand each applicant’s achievements in the context in which they have been gained. We understand that not every candidate’s achievements look the same on paper and we are a firm that believes passionately in meritocracy and diversity.