Electrical/Avionics Integration Systems Design Engineer Graduate Boscombe 2024

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It’s an exciting time to join one of our Early Careers programmes at QinetiQ. We are always looking for great people to join our team, whether you are taking your first steps in starting a career or you are looking to make a career change, we have a wide range of exciting opportunities for you.

Aviation Engineering Centre (AEC)

The AEC is made up of a design section and a production section. The design section produces designs from customer’s requirements involving a team of many technical disciplines, electrical, mechanical, stress, airworthiness and safety for example. The design are predominantly for an airborne platform, fixed wing or rotorcraft.

What will I be doing?

  • The primary scope an Electrical/Avionics Integration Systems Design Engineer role is focused on producing the electrical integration of a system on to an airborne platform.
  • You will undertake a variety of tasks as part of a team, ensuring technical solutions meet business, customer and airworthiness requirements.
  • Following the internal design process you will:
  • Analyse customer requirements and produce a scheme which will involve:
    • Liaising with your team peers to understand the associated airworthiness requirements.
    • System’s major component selection
    • Platform interface requirements
    • Platform surveys
  • Produce electrical design on CAD (Computer Aided Design) package which will involve:
    • Detailed review of documentation required to create the system design.
    • Integration component selection.
    • Location of components.
    • Cable routing.
  • Production of design documents associated with the design, this will involve:
    • Learning how the system works
    • Producing a ground test schedule
    • Analysing the electrical load change on the platform
    • Assessment of electrical parts with respect to the platform’s expected environmental operational conditions.
    • System fault hazard analysis with respect to the platform
  • Support to the integration of the design onto the platform:
    • Liaison with the platform installation team
    • Answering of engineering queries
    • Assisting with the commissioning of the system
  • You will be mentored and trained in the methods and best practices to achieve a design that meets the regulatory airworthiness requirements.

Academic requirements

You will need to have attained a degree with a key focus on any of the disciplines listed below:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Avionics
  • Communications
  • Radio frequency technology

Additional requirements:

  • Have a strong interest and/or experience with aerospace
  • Passionate about electrical/electronic technology design and test
  • Keen interest in making things, such as model making
  • Enjoy working out how things work and fixing them.
  • Technical problem solving


In accordance with our National Security Vetting requirements, all applicants must also be eligible for SC clearance as a minimum. 

Please note that under immigrations rules, our Early Careers roles do not meet the legal threshold for candidates who are residents of the UK on student visas.

DEADLINE 7th December 2023