Risktec Solutions Ltd are looking for talented engineers with 0-2 years’ experience in the field and are passionate about the Nuclear Industry and are driven to work and learn valuable engineering skills in a dynamic environment.

What is the role

This is a site based graduate engineer role at EDF Heysham 2 nuclear power station and you would join Fuel Route Engineering as either part of the Technical Advice Group (TAG) or System Health as a graduate engineer to provide support to experienced Fuel Route Engineers at the power station. The TAG role would include fault finding, problem solving, minor repair work or replacing defected or obsolete plant/ components. The System Health role would be to provide medium to long term sustainability of plant systems. The roles will involve both desk based and plant facing activities.

The role will provide you with invaluable experience of working at an operational nuclear power station, with the aim of you becoming the future engineers in a growing nuclear industry.

What are we looking for?

You will have good organisational and communication skills, and a passion for learning and developing your understanding and skillset. The industry encourages input from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds to improve the robustness of the decision-making process.

We are looking for applications from graduates with an Electrical/C&I/Mechanical degree/background.

What is the environment like

Working in the nuclear industry will see you held to some of the most rigorous and demanding standards in the professional world. As part of this, a culture of collaboration, mentorship, and continuous improvement is strongly supported within the industry.

What is it like working within Fuel Route at Heysham 2?

Fuel Route is a dynamic environment, with challenges on maintaining availability of the Fuelling Machine and other supporting plant systems. Defects identified during fuel handling campaigns need responsive solutions to ensure delays are minimised and nuclear and conventional safety are maintained at all times.

Through this work, a graduate engineer will develop a strong understanding of industry practices and standards, and the skillset to continue on into other roles.