Engineering Industrial Placement Scheme Burnaston 2024

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Engineering at Toyota isn't about nuts and bolts. It's much more about having imagination plus the dedication to keep developing the best processes and products. We encourage our engineers to look at things from every angle to find better ways of working.

That's always been the Toyota Way - as our founder Sakichi Toyoda put it: "Inspiration comes from many places. We need to have our eyes, our minds and our hearts open to things we interact with every day, so open your window to the world." You can see that commitment reflected in cars like the Corolla. It's what makes Toyota a great place for inquisitive engineers to sharpen their skills.

Your time here

The Toyota Industrial Placement programme will stretch your problem-solving skills and introduce you to people at all levels, all over the business. It is designed to help you develop your professional and personal capabilities prior to your final year at university and give an opportunity to gain experience as an industry professional.

It's a challenging scheme, but you’ll receive plenty of support from your mentor, managers, and colleagues. On the Industrial Placement programme, you'll get to see the breadth of our business, working on valuable projects in one of the following areas:

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Division instils and drives a Quality Mindset across the whole business. This philosophy and culture is integral to all areas of the business and therefore means that a role within Quality Assurance is diverse and varied in nature. Potential IP projects include:

  • Designing and Developing a Power App to support Digital Data Visualisation
  • Smoothly Project Managing the upgrade of Computers used on Quality Assurance Inspection Equipment
  • Showcasing Digitalisation Projects via a Collaboration Workshop
  • Sharing a Kaizen Improvement Activity to other European Plants
  • Presenting to visiting members from Toyota Motor Corporation Japan

BEng/Meng degree related disciplines (for example: Mechanical, Electrical or Manufacturing Systems) required. Other Engineering Disciplines or Computer Engineering disciplines can be considered.


As a placement student within our Mass Assembly department, you will assume the role of Line Engineer alongside the current Line Engineer and become familiar with our assembly shop. You will be working on valuable projects to support the production line, getting involved with and leading activities (with support) relating to areas such as:

  • Managing change throughout your area of responsibility.
  • Supporting projects and technical systems such as layout/process changes and traceability.
  • Supporting the production line to investigate and resolve concerns raised by members that could have a negative impact on key performance indicators – safety, quality, cost, and time.
  • Planning and managing contractor work in the area.
  • Implementing new equipment in a safe and timely manner.
  • Communicating changes with important stakeholders including management, production members, mass assembly team.

BEng/MEng degree discipline (for example: Mechanical or Manufacturing Systems) required.


Inside Paint, we apply various liquid coatings onto the vehicle body and parts utilising both robotic and manual processes. These include electrodeposition anti-corrosion protection paint, sealants, primer, basecoat, clearcoat and waxes to produce a watertight body shell with a quality paint finish to the exterior.

Quality control is critical within the Paint process to eliminate any contamination in the various coatings and delight our customers. Potential IP projects include:

  • Process problem solving
    • Working with Production and Maintenance teams to find the source and eliminate underbody robot tip blockages.
  • Energy & CO2 reduction
    • Determining and trialling methods of reducing paint booth temperature to create significant energy reduction with equipment trials and quality tracking with Production.
    • Working with Production & Environment teams to determine & implement the most efficient method of repairing vehicles with minimum equipment.
  • Process kaizens (improvements)
    • Working with Production, QA & design engineers to eliminate primer interior spray whilst improving quality.
    • Determining a safe method to trial new electrostatic hand spray equipment to evaluate the benefits of introducing them to production.
  • Systems improvement
    • Establishing systematic training to increase awareness of Paint procedure & systems.
    • Implementing the H&S requirements to confirm & control earthing confirmations for static electricity through 3rd party contractor
    • Establishing a simple system to highlight out of date COSHH assessments and MSDS.

BEng/MEng degree discipline (for example: Mechanical or Manufacturing Systems) required.


The plastics division at TMUK is very diverse and covers many Engineering disciplines.

The process starts with Injection moulding of components for the Bumpers, Rear Doors and Instrument Panels. Many of these components are painted within a robotic automated paint line. After painting the components are combined with supplied parts to make advanced assemblies that contain the technology for the modern features of the high quality Corolla vehicle.

The completed assemblies are delivered on time to the Assembly department. It is critical that we provide first time correct parts to ensure no impact to the production line. Potential IP projects include:

  • Improvements to component accuracy by redesign of storage fixtures
  • Designing and developing tools to apply adhesive solutions for component assembly using in house 3D printing technology
  • Developing Power apps to visualise Quality concerns and manage batch production
  • Energy and CO2 monitoring and reduction solutions.
  • Automation of component handling.

BEng/Meng degree discipline required. Background knowledge of Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering , Manufacturing Engineering and Computing Sciences would all be advantageous within the Plastics Division.

What we look for

Our engineers are greatly valued and are essential to the success of the business, planning and implementing new equipment, systems and processes. They're also pivotal in bringing the famous Toyota Production System to life - whether refining a process from a technical perspective or assessing the environmental impact of a production change. Ultimately, we want engineers who are versatile enough to work across the whole plant and beyond.

Alongside having a consistently strong academic record, with a minimum 2:1 predicted degree result, we are looking for people who actively want to learn from others and are motivated to take on new challenges with a positive mindset.

We believe that there's always a better way, therefore if you share our values and thrive on analysing problems from different angles to develop solutions, you could go a long way with us. Similarly, taking a practical approach to your work is important – you will need to be as comfortable on the shop floor as you are in the office, conducting “go-look-see” activities to visualise problems and logically apply countermeasures with supporting data.

You will often be leading and co-ordinating others in mixed teams of Production, Maintenance and Engineers, therefore good interpersonal skills and effective communication are essential to ensure teamwork across projects.

Additional requirement

Right to live and work in the UK & ideally UK driving license.

DEADLINE 11th December 2023