MSc Psychology Conversion

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Intake: September, February and June

Thinking of a career in psychology? Or just want to expand your knowledge in the field? Our MSc Psychology (Conversion) is a great place to start. Specifically designed for non-psychology graduates, this course is a great introduction to critical psychological skills, knowledge and values applied to real world contexts.

Successful completion of this course will allow you to pursue further education in the field of psychology (like a PhD), or enhance your employability in areas such as health, education, management or policing, and beyond. And we have submitted an application for accreditation from the British Psychological Society (BPS), allowing you to progress to become a Chartered Psychologist after graduation.

Course Details

MSc Psychology (Conversion)

If you’re looking to make the change to psychological study and already have an undergraduate degree in another discipline, then our Master’s in Psychology Conversion course is your place to start.

On completion, you’ll be equipped with core knowledge and understanding of key psychological theories, principles and concepts, that can be applied to everyday life as well as a professional setting. You’ll have also built skills in scientific reasoning, be able to understand the role of evidence and make critical judgements in psychological arguments.

Employability is embedded into this course from the beginning. Our unique Professional Development and Applications of Professional Psychology modules will allow you to explore and prepare for your career while you study.

You’ll graduate with skills such as problem solving, research, communication and self-evaluation – competencies that can be applied to future studies, as well as enhancing your professional skills.

Why study the MSc Psychology (Conversion) with us?

  • Experts in conversion: We have a track record of converting students from one discipline to another – we’re the largest GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) provider in the UK
  • Multiple study options: Choose from full-time and part-time (roughly 2 days per week), study online or at one of our campuses, so you can flex your studies around your lifestyle
  • Excellent employment prospects: 94% of postgraduate students in employment were in Highly Skilled Occupations 15 months after graduating (2018/19 Graduate Outcomes data)
  • Award-winning Employability support: From day one to beyond graduation, you’ll have access to 1:1 support from our experienced Employability Service.

MSc Psychology (Conversion) Online course has been accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS)

Neuroscience of Behaviour

This module is the study of the biological bases of human behaviour, using quantitative design and analysis and considering ethics. You will use methods including the recording of physiological signals and brain-imaging techniques to address questions such as: What is the relationship between genes and behaviour or bodily reactions and emotion? What is the purpose of sleep? How are memories stored in the brain?

Cognitive Psychology

In this module you will develop knowledge of theories, concepts, and research about human cognition. Covering a range of topics and approaches to understanding Cognition, including the historical roots, conceptual aspects to the subject area, social cognition, mental representation, decision making, memory, language, and consciousness.

Personality and Individual Differences

Reviewing the main theories of personality and using contemporary empirical evidence you will explore the complex relationship between personality and behaviour. With sessions focusing on personality disorders and problems assessing and classifying such disorders, the module will also enable you to examine some of the broader societal issues relating to individual differences in personality.

Social and Critical Psychology

This module will introduce you to new topics within social psychology, but arguably more importantly, new perspectives by which to view topics such as social constructionism, social psychology of the self, problems of experimental social psychology, group performance and decision making, and crowd behaviour.

Lifespan Development

Exploring key theories of psychological development throughout the lifespan you will learn to think critically about these theories and consider how psychological wellbeing could be enhanced at every stage of a person’s development.

Applications of Professional Psychology

In this module you will consider the pragmatic, ethical and methodological aspects of applying psychological principles and knowledge to real-life contexts by learning how psychology is used in a range of professional practices, such as health, education, sport and may other professional psychology careers, helping to inform your own future career choices.

Research Methods

By developing your ability to design psychological investigations and assess the data collected, and understanding the ethical implications of various methods used, on this module you will develop a range of transferable skills that are highly valued in employment settings, including communication, numeracy and critical thinking.


This module involves an independent research study in a clearly defined area of psychology involving both a theoretical and an empirical component. You will be supported by tutors to develop the study in an area that you are passionate about, helping bring to life the knowledge you have gained throughout the course with confidence.

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