Missed the IEUK deadline? Apply to On Demand

Can’t attend IEUK’s live experience or missed the deadline? No worries! You can still participate with On Demand. Access recorded sessions and work samples in your chosen sector, and complete the experience at your own pace over two weeks. Apply by 26th June.

Hear from our Programme Coaches and Sponsors

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                   Chris Worle - Programme Sponsor

“Our graduate scheme aims to attract some of the best graduate talent from around the UK.”

Our graduate scheme aims to attract some of the best graduate talent from around the UK. To do that we’ve developed a programme that is challenging and rewarding, but also one that can be tailored to your needs, strengths and interests.

I joined HL myself as a graduate straight from university. It was before we had an official graduate programme but nevertheless in my early years I was given the opportunity to work across multiple parts of the business, prove myself and learn from some incredible people. So I believe passionately in creating the opportunities for people to do the same today whilst benefiting from all the support and resources we have as a FTSE100 business.

One thing I’ve learnt is your career doesn’t always take the path you expect. That’s why we’ve developed a flexible and varied programme that gives you the opportunity to experience many parts of business, so you can discover as much about yourself and your strengths as you do about the business.

We are looking for the next generation of talent that bring with them energy and ambition, and also reflect our values and our focus on putting the client first. If that’s you, I look forward to supporting you through you career at HL.

                   Anna Langdon - Programme Coach

“At HL, graduates have the opportunity to tailor make their graduate scheme experience.”

I joined HL in November 2019 and my first exposure to the Graduate Scheme was through a fabulous graduate alumni on my team. Her knowledge of the organisation, her internal network and the broad experiences she had whilst on the scheme made her a huge asset to me, the team and HL as a whole. I’m now involved in running the scheme which has recently moved into the People Team and work closely with Chris, the Sponsor, the Graduate Coaches and Mentors.

My career has been largely spent in large investment banks where graduates are hired in their hundreds and commit up front to one area of the organisation. At HL, graduates have the opportunity to tailor make their graduate scheme experience to ensure they really understand what makes the organisation tick and to build knowledge and experience that help them make informed decisions around their next career step. They are supported by Coaches, Mentors and their fellow graduates to grow, develop and, hopefully have some fun in the process!

At HL we recognise that we need diversity of thought to be successful and that diverse perspectives are critical to putting the client at the heart of everything we do. We are looking for graduates to bring energy, challenge and enthusiasm – if that sounds like you, then we’d love to meet you.