Interview: Sally Hall

Book open Reading time: 3 mins

We recently caught up with Sally, a Senior Engineer at Frazer-Nash Consultancy to hear about her experience and get some top tips for Bright Network members to follow in her footsteps.

Name: Sally Hall

Current Role: Senior EC&I (Electrical, Control and Instrumentation) Engineer

University and Degree: Masters of Electronic Engineering, University of Exeter

Explain your role at Frazer Nash and an overview of your key responsibilities

Frazer-Nash is an engineering consultancy company. This means that we work on multiple projects at a time. I currently have four main responsibilities:

  1. Coding and HMI development for the European Spallation Source Using Siemens software, developing a control system to dispose of radioactive elements from the world’s brightest neutron beam.
  2. For the Auxiliary steam building being built at Hinkley point C Reviewing designs, managing sub-contractors, de-clashing models and ensuring that everything will integrate successfully into the building.
  3. Lead of Medical Technology Campaigning Managing a team within Frazer-Nash to find and bid for new work within the medical technology sector.
  4. A Cyber Security Engineer at Hinkley Point C Writing and reviewing policies that will be used to protect the site from cyber security attacks.

What appealed to you about joining the team at Frazer Nash?

It appealed to work on multiple projects that span many sectors and different skill sets within one company. As I left University, I wasn’t sure which sector or industry I wanted to work in, and felt that many other job roles forced you into one specific route.

Frazer-Nash has given me the opportunity to easily work on different projects for different companies and to really explore what I enjoy in work, what I am good at, and where I would like my career to go.

What have you enjoyed the most about your role since starting?

The training! I have been lucky enough to attend different training courses for many different skills such as: project management, presentation skills, coding for Rockwell and Siemens platforms, ISO13485 training, electrical wiring regulations, cyber security principles, and more!

Frazer-Nash is hugely supportive in allowing us to guide which training we would like to attend. I have enjoyed this freedom to allow me to improve or expand skill sets that I identify as important to me and my career development.

How would you describe the graduate community at Frazer Nash?

There is a strong graduate community. With a growing number of graduates, there are a stack of internal events, inductions, and procedures that help in integrating graduates into life here. I felt hugely supported, especially as an early career woman, and there is always a friendly face to answer questions.

Most importantly, the social life here is great. Team socials (axe throwing, darts and bouldering being our last few socials), group socials (meals together, watching rugby games), and sporting groups (cycling, rowing, climbing, running to name a few) allow the chance to meet new people and do nice things together.

For members considering applying to Frazer Nash this year, what would your top 3 pieces of advice be for the application/interview process?

  1. Be open minded to job roles If your degree doesn’t necessarily translate to the group you’re applying for , doesn’t mean that it is not suited to you or your skills.
  2. Questions At each interview you should come armed with questions. We like getting asked the tough questions during interviews, so don’t hold back.
  3. Just be yourself With any job, the most successful interviews are fun! Let us see a side to your personality or hobbies that let us get to know you. Not everything needs to be technical, academic or boring.