Key insights from a Consultancy Intern at Deloitte

Created on 5 Sep 2017

Ankita spent a month of her summer working in a summer camp in China, and another five weeks interning with Deloitte. She told us about the application for her internship at Deloitte in a previous success story, and we thought it would be great to hear a bit more about what the role entailed. We caught up with her after she’d finished so that she could share her experiences and what she learned from the role itself.

What attracted you initially to the internship?

I was initially attracted to the internship because of the wide variety of opportunities consulting offers, especially in firms like Deloitte. After looking into what consultancy entails I realised that the variety of clients and industries you have the opportunity to work with is endless. The internship for me was therefore a great way to find out more about what life as a consultant means and what opportunities would be available for me should I choose to pursue that career. 

Can you explain a bit more about exactly what your role entailed?

As a consultancy intern at Deloitte I was placed on a project and worked with the team on client site. Your exact role will depend on what project you are on and the needs of your team, however, I was able to work alongside consultants on any given task they were doing and was eventually given the responsibility of performing some of these myself. 

What did you learn from it?

There are 2 main things that I could say I learnt from this internship:

1). What being a consultant at Deloitte actually means - we are encouraged to meet people from different departments and this really allows you to learn more about the firm and what it would be like to work there. Being able to add value to the work and partaking in meetings etc. gives you a good feel for the real thing.

2). Business and commercial awareness - the project I was on was in Financial Services and so I was really able to learn more about the sector and to see how the business itself worked.

Have you got some top tips for members looking to follow in your footsteps?

What I found on my internship is that there are a certain number of things you will obtain from it regardless of how you perform, however, it really is what you make of it. Being pro-active and asking to speak to people from different areas of the firm, and taking a more active role in the position you have been given will give you more exposure to the work being done as well as giving you a better understanding of the firm.    

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Bright Network member, Ankita
Ankita, London School of Economics and Political Science
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