Bianca's insights into securing a trainee role with RPC

Created on 21 Nov 2022

We caught up with Bianca, a future trainee at RPC. She chatted to us about her assessment day experience, her top applications tips and how the firm’s friendly culture sets them apart.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi I’m Bianca. I grew up in Hong Kong where I completed my undergraduate degree and LLB at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I then went on to complete my Master of Laws with a specialisation in International Dispute Resolution as part of a joint programme at Kings College London. I was initially set on going back to Hong Kong, but I’m so glad RPC has given me the opportunity to start my career here. I really love the city and culture, so I’m really excited!

What inspired you to apply to RPC?

I was first introduced to RPC back in Hong Kong as they have an office out there and found out more when I attended a partner trainee sharing session. I remember listening to the trainees and I liked that there was a strong focus on Dispute Resolution and Insurance. These were the practice areas that I really had an interest in and enjoyed during another internship in Hong Kong. The way RPC valued their employees also really jumped out at me. I saw a number of testimonies about the firm, where trainees described the culture as very friendly - it’s all about uplifting the people who work at RPC and celebrating who they are. It all sounded great!

Tell me about your experience at the assessment day

I’m a future trainee so I haven’t yet started at RPC. Having been at the firm on my assessment day, I learnt a lot about the people and culture – everything said on the testimonies was true! No matter their position, everyone was friendly, and it felt like a non-hierarchal environment. I remember the interview with a partner was like talking to a friend who really wanted me to succeed and do well. Speaking to people at the firm melted my worries away.

Any tips for anyone who’d like to apply to RPC?

This was my first in-person assessment day, so I was quite nervous. Before the interview, I was trying to rehearse specific answers that I thought they wanted me to say, but after just two minutes of the interview I realised that I didn’t need to do that. What I needed to do was to bring my true-self and showcase my personality. I really enjoyed the interview. I didn’t find it an overwhelming experience, as I found it easy to connect with the interviewer on a personal level. Don’t be afraid and don’t try to rehearse too much before. Definitely talk to and get to know people across the firm in different departments, as they truly represent the heart of the firm.

What do you find most interesting about the sector?

When moving to London to study for my LLM (Master of Laws), the international focus really interested me. My undergrad degree was mainly centred around the building blocks of Hong Kong Law. While it’s fundamental, I’ve also enjoyed being able to branch out and specialise into different jurisdictions and areas of law, so I liked trying something new. One of the things that drew me to RPC was the international aspect - a lot of their work features a global interest, and they have offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, so I’m looking forward to the possibility of completing a secondment abroad.

How has Bright Network helped you in your career search?

I used the Commercial Awareness section of the website to develop my skills as it was a topic I didn’t feel 100% confident on. Using the advice, I was able to structure my thoughts and found that the information really helped me.

Have you faced any challenges in the application process?

As the application process is so competitive and there are only so many spots on offer, I did feel discouraged after completing so many applications. What I learnt from the experience is to never give up and you’ll find the right firm for you. You just have to keep on trying

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