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Top tips from a Software Engineer at J.P. Morgan

Created on 15 Aug 2019

A big congratulations to Demi who has secured a graduate role at J.P. Morgan! We caught up with Demi to find out more about the application process and her top tips for Bright Network members wishing to pursue a career with J.P. Morgan. 

Why did you choose J.P. Morgan?

I chose J.P. Morgan because, as one of the largest banks in the world and one that has been in operation for over 2 centuries, the company stands out amongst its competitors in terms of its client base, expertise and global reach. I was also particularly impressed by J. P. Morgan’s initiatives as one of the worlds largest banks, to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

How did you find the application process?

I found the application process quite smooth and the whole process from the application to receiving the job offer took about 2 months. 

Were there any bits you particularly enjoyed? Or found challenging?

The part of the application process I found the most challenging was the technical video interview, which involved a series of questions designed to test your coding skills. There are many online resources and practice tests that I found useful to prepare for this stage. I enjoyed the assessment centre stage the most, as although there were many interviews, the interviewers were nice and made you feel comfortable straight away. 

What three tips would you give to BN members looking to follow in your footsteps?

Three tips I would give are: 

1. Prepare! I found it very useful to go over potential questions that could be asked and have some key points or examples in my head that I could discuss easily. 

2. Do your research. It’s very important to research into the company and the products/services they offer and to be able to discuss what particularly interests you about the job sector you wish to enter. 

3. If you have an idea of the job sector you’d like to join, attend insight days, talks or have experiences such as internships that demonstrate your interest in that area. 

How did Bright Network help?

I particularly found the Commercial Awareness update emails I received from the Bright Network useful as I was able to discuss this with my interviewers in the final stage assessment, and showed my interest in the market and how I kept up to date with the latest news in the Financial and Technology industries. 

And finally, what was the toughest interview question you faced?

If you could create an innovative technology product for the bank, what would it be and why?

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Bright Network member, Demi
Demi, University of Birmingham
J.P. Morgan, Software Engineer