Securing a place on PwC's Graduate Scheme - Top tips from Kerry

Created on 10 Aug 2017

After a successful internship with the firm, Economics graduate Kerry has secured an Audit Graduate Scheme with PwC. We had a chat about why she chose PwC and what she'll be spending her first pay check on!

What drew you to apply for PwC?

I previously worked for PwC through an internship and I originally applied on recommendation from others and because of their fantastic reputation.

What would be your top tips for members looking to follow in your footsteps?

Do your research and be specific in your answers, and demonstrate enthusiasm for what you’ve applied for. Remember - don’t be frightened of not knowing what a role fully involves, because you can ask questions. I left it quite late to apply, but I would definitely advise applying earlier and using Bright Network’s fast-track application process if it’s available.

What is the culture like at PwC?

It’s similar to being at university, because you work alongside a fantastic cohort. There’s a great social side and everyone is really welcoming. It’s a really rewarding place to work and, whilst very professional, it’s a great place to be. There are lots of people to ask for help if you’re stuck and there is also hot-desking, which I enjoy as you never feel alone.

How has Bright Network helped?

The Bright Network website gave me everything I needed, all in one place.

And finally… What will you spend your first pay check on?

I would treat my Mum and Dad - and maybe I’ll buy myself a pet!

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Bright Network member, Kerry
Kerry, Durham University
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