Insight into attending a Career Open Day with PwC

Created on 20 Oct 2017

Khanh attended a career open day at PwC recently, and got in touch to let us know how she did it. She’s currently in her final year at KCL, and is looking to get a foot in the door in the financial sector.

Why did you choose an Open Day experience at PwC?

I’m looking to secure a graduate role in Audit, London or Gatwick 2018 at PwC. PwC is the place where I can have the best post-university education: becoming a Charted Accountant (ICAEW) and I can grow into my best self by surrounding with the best people in the financial industry. I have friends who are working at PwC and the projects that they have done, the community that they work in, inspire me every day.

What was the toughest part of the application process? And your favourite part?

The toughest part was the fact that the places are so limited. I have been subscribed to receive emails from PwC since last year to ensure I’m able to attend events like this as much as possible.

What three top tips would you give your fellow Bright Network members?

Always be on time; dress smartly when attending events and always be energetic.

What's your lucky charm or pre-interview ritual?

Re-watching Friends the night before.

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Bright Network member, Khanh Quynh Anh
Khanh Quynh Anh, King's College London
PwC, Open Day Attendee