Graduate insight into securing an internship with PwC - Top tips from Sophie

Created on 10 Mar 2020

We caught up with Sophie after she attended a Bright Network webinar to discover how she landed her terrific internship with PwC! She shares why she chose PwC as well as her top tips for following in her footsteps. 

What made you choose this company?

Not only is PwC known for their incredible reputation as a leader in professional services, but they’re investing heavily in their audit department. They recognise that audit needs to adapt to keep up with our evolving technological developments. Consequently, they’re investing £30m annually in both the training and development of its employees, and also in the advancement of technological initiatives. The results of this investment are apparent, for instance PwC just completed their first audit stock count using drone technology. It’s clear that PwC is an exciting place to work that values being at the forefront of advances in technology, and I wanted to be part of that.

 What would be your top tip to members going through the application process?

My top tip for members going through the application process is to believe in the skills that you’ve already developed. I was initially put off applying for positions in professional services as I’m not studying a business or economics degree, consequently I thought that I lacked the necessary skills. I now know this is completely wrong: every degree cultivates many transferable skills that you can demonstrate to every potential employer. Additionally, although business and commercial awareness is essential to demonstrate, this is something that can be developed in your own time through various sources. Luckily the Bright Network offers a weekly commercial awareness update that you can subscribe to which offers members an accessible way to stay up to date.

Did you attend any Bright Network events? If so, which did you attend and why? 

I attended a Bright Network webinar that covered everything involving assessment centres. I chose this event as I had received my first offer to attend an assessment centre and I had no idea what to expect. I can honestly say that the webinar played a big role in helping me to pass my first assessment centre.  

What was the most beneficial part of the event for you?

The most beneficial part of the event for me was that every potential aspect of an assessment centre was covered; such as numerical reasoning tests, group discussions, presentations etc. The hosts were able to offer advice, ways to approach certain scenarios and what not to do based upon their personal experience of working at assessment centres. Having never attended an assessment centre before, this was invaluable in giving me an idea of everything to expect and consequently guided my preparation for the day.

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Bright Network member, Sophie
Sophie, University of Edinburgh
PwC, Audit