Seren Jean's success story: Landing a Communications internship at Airbus

Created on 19 Jun 2024

Seren Jean is a Media Commmunications student from the University of West of England. She secured a Communications Intern position at Airbus through Bright Network. 

First, we’d love for you to tell us a little bit about yourself.  

“Growing up I loved being creative, but I also loved STEM subjects. Going to university was always something I wanted to do but choosing what I wanted to study was a little more difficult.  

I chose a Media Communications degree because the career path afterwards would allow me to work in communication but for a STEM industry, which is the perfect combination of both my interests.” 

What motivated you to apply for your role?  

“I’ve always been interested in aviation, but never thought working for Airbus would be a possibility. As soon as I saw the role on Bright Network, I knew I had to apply!” 

What have you learnt from going through the process?  

“I’ve learned that if your heart is set on a certain role then there’s no harm in applying for it! Even if you don’t get the role, Bright Network will offer other opportunities that are equally as good.” 

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What are you most proud of about your journey?  

“So many people applied for the role and to be one of the seven that got through to the interview stage and then to get the role at the end of it is what I’m most proud of.” 

What are your tips for people looking to follow in your footsteps?  

“Personally, I was looking for a communications role in a STEM industry and I knew that the best place to find that sort of opportunity would be by visiting Bright Network.” 

Tell us about the future. What’s next?  

“I’m hoping to learn as much as possible during my year in industry to prepare me for my final year at university.  

I’m hoping I’ll have the opportunity to work for Airbus again after I graduate.” 

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