Graduate insight into securing an Insight Programme with Teach First

Created on 6 Jun 2017

We spoke to Abhitha, who recently secured an internship with Teach First after spotting the opportunity in a Bright Network email. He also said he was helped to secure the role by attending the Bright Network Future Leaders event.

Why did you choose an internship with Teach First?

The firm itself is spectacular. In my experience of them it seems like they really believe in what they are doing, and strive to make things work for everyone. It’s nice to be in an environment where you know that you will be making a difference, whilst also being in a good position to get one step closer to a good career path with the Training Programme. I’ve found the whole process so far to be really valuable, as it helps you to develop your charisma and character. Clearly these experiences can be drawn upon in a variety of different situations and employed throughout the rest of my career.

What was the toughest part of the application process? And your favourite part?

The toughest part was the interview, not for the content but for the interviewer. She had a brilliant poker face and the ‘conversation’ felt quite a lot like an investigation (which it is), but it would have been nice to feel more ‘accepted’. I loved the ‘drama’ part, just because it made me see how I can perform in the heat of the moment, rather than just having to imagine the future.

Were you surprised by anything in the process?

The speed of every task took me by surprise. It made me realise that the requirements are high in this field of work, but it was good to be challenged.

Do you have any advice for your fellow Bright Network members?

It’s important to be prepared for the interviews and to bear in mind how fast-paced everything will be.

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Bright Network member, Abhitha Lakmal
Abhitha Lakmal, City University London
Teach First, Internship