Pernod Ricard Jargon Buster

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The drinks industry is a big place, with a huge amount of jargon and acronyms!

Don't worry, we don't expect you to know everything before meeting us, but below we have pulled together some of the most common terminology to help you make sense of us in your research. 

  • Off Trade: Places that retail spirits for off-premise consumption (supermarkets, off-licences, shops, online stores).
  • On Trade: On trade refers to on premise consumption (Bars, restaurants, hotels and night clubs).
  • COGS: Cost of goods
  • NSV: Net Sales Value
  • S&R: Sustainability & Responsibility
  • A&P: Advertisement & Promotion
  • Fiscal: Financial Year
  • CM: Contributed Margin
  • CBL: Chivas Brothers Limited
  • B2B: Business to Business
  • B2C:¬†Business to Customer
  • KPI: Key Performance Indicator
  • Activation: Events to increase brand awareness and engagement
  • Stakeholders: People that affect/will be affected by the business
  • NPD: New Product Development
  • L3F: Last 3 Feet
  • E-Commerce: Refers to buying/selling goods via the internet