What is the Blended Assessment?

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Everything you need to know about the Blended Assessment. In this article, we'll run through what to expect, the Blended Assessment format, and how to prepare.

What is the Blended Assessment?

Designed assess your potential rather than your past experiences, the Blended Assessment consists of a range of questions. From scenario-based items, to applied intellect questions, and short video interview responses, the Blended Assessment gives us a well rounded view of each applicant. 

The Blended Assessment has been created to look for perseverance, a willingness to embrace our digital reality and the ability to apply your intellect and creativity to a variety of work-related situations and problems. You won't need to spend hours revising GCSE-level maths, or searching for free verbal and non-verbal reasoning assessments online. The questions you'll be asked during your Blended Assessment won't require any prior knowledge or experience.

How long does the Blended Assessment take?

Unlike other applicaiton processes, where you may complete a number of different assessments across a number of weeks, the Blended Assessment comines everything into one test that you can complete in a single sitting. Whilst the assessment itself is untimed, it typically takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Of course, with that being said, if it takes your slightly more, or slightly less time - there's no need to worry. And if you require any reasonable adjustments, such as extra time or anything else, you'll be able to request this before completing your assessment.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

As previously mentioned, there's nothing speific you'll need to do in preparation for your Blended Assessment, we do, however, have a few tips to note before you begin:

  • Keep an eye on the deadline in the run up to your assessment. You will normally have a few days to complete the test. Mark this in your diary and plan this time in
  • Make use of the practice test so you know what to expect - look out for the link in your invite email
  • When you're ready to complete your Blended Assessment, ensure you find a quiet space with good internet connection where you won’t be interrupted
  • Have a calculator, pen and paper to hand before you begin
  • The assessment will need to be completed in one sitting
Have a question or need advice?

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