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What it's like to be a Software Engineer at Visa

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

Graduating from Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, Tiffany Yu tells us what it's like to start your career as a software engineer in network processing for Visa. Discover what your life could be like with a career at Visa.

What initially attracted you to the role?

When I graduated I knew I wanted to work in a company that has influence and I wanted my work to have impact. Visa is a company that has created a system that enables every person holding a card across the globe to pay on a daily basis. Not only is the technology involved mind-blowingly amazing, the company also has a lot of resources and connections. I was curious about the details and wanted to be a part of this network so I applied to be a software developer in Network Processing.

How would you describe the culture?

I would describe the culture to be inclusive, friendly and supportive. My colleagues have been more than helpful from the very first day and always patient when showing me the ropes around working in Visa. The best thing about the culture is that there is a very little sense of hierarchy within the office. No matter if you are someone who’s been working here for 20+ years or just started last month, everyone is willing to chat and talk about their experience, what they’re working on or to share knowledge. 

What's the favourite task or project you've worked on?

Up to date, my favourite project I’ve worked on was my first one. For every transaction, banks charge each other different fees and I had the privilege of working on a project that changed some of these fee rates and rules in Denmark. Understanding that my changes will affect millions of people and their payments every day in Denmark was very exciting. As it was my first project, I had a lot to learn not only about the technology but also the business. When the code went live it was a very fulfilling moment.

What do you look forward to the most first thing on a Monday morning?

The thing I look forward to the most first thing on a Monday morning is the daily morning tea time with my team. We take 15 minutes in the morning to get tea in the kitchen and chat everything and anything, ranging from weekend events, to movies to politics. I love this routine as it allows me to get to know these people beyond work and also interact and get to know the whole of the team not just the ones I’m that working on a project with. This also leads to opportunities to work on side projects such as organizing events or pursing an idea.

Thank you very much to Tiffany. To find out more about Visa and see all their available roles, visit their profile.