Make your CV stand out in a Commercial Law application

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So you've reached the dizzy heights of university and now you've decided that you want to be a commercial lawyer. The selection process is a hard nut to crack, so we've compiled 8 top tips to help make your CV stand out in your application.

1. Use direct and clear language

Language is a powerful tool. Use it to show your employer that you have the necessary skills.

2. Mention all of your extra-curricular activities

Position yourself as a well-rounded, interesting candidate who has something to talk about other than law school.

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3. Make sure you mention previous or scheduled work experience

Show your employer that you are serious about a career with them, and that you've got the experience to prove it.

4. List any prizes, awards, accolades that you have won

If you have excelled in any area of life so far, make it known!

5. Format your CV in a clear, structured, and consistent way

Nothing says 'disorder' like a badly formatted CV. Take time with it. Read expert advice on creating the ideal CV layout.

6. Be professional: this is an important document

If you want to be taken seriously, be serious. This is no place for humour or inappropriate photographs.

7. Show that you have an interest in the commercial world

If you are a member of any commercially-focussed societies or programmes, your employer will want to know about it.

8. Keep it brief. Your CV should fit on one page

Remember that yours is one in a sea of applications. Get to the point, to get ahead.

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Ready to put these points into action? Download the Law CV Template to get started and apply to commercial law graduate schemes today.